Movie Review – Shamitabh ***1/2


A deaf and dumb boy from a small town near Mumbai dreams to become a movie star. He comes to the big city and scores a home run when an assistant director along with her doctor father decide to take his case as an experiment. A failed actor was roped in to give him voice using a new technology.

Let me first talk about the good points. For one R Balki’s concept is brilliant. Both Amitabh and Dhanush were superb and there were instances where you could see glimpses of the old angry man. But where things fall flat is the execution. Balki tried to do too many things at one time. He is also not sure as to whether he wants to make an arty film or a commercial one as the final product is in between.

I just can’t digest why on earth would someone invest in a physically challenged person on the first place and then put money on him as a film actor. It all seems a bit blown out of proportions. I did like the Pidli song. Akshara Hassan is another loose end of the movie I do feel for her as she is pitted against the best in the industry and it is hard for a new comer to really shine unless he or she is Amjad Khan.

It is a two paced movie but I do recommend you to watch this movie for its content. In the end you might come out confused if not disappointed and will ask why did this movie have to end like this?

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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