Democrazy: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), An opportunity lost for Delhi


You guys must be thinking what the f**k is he talking about? AAP has won the Delhi elections emphatically and they have literally no opposition. But frankly speaking there lies my problem. The case is same in central polities where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a clear mandate and there is no opposition. It may sound like a victory like no other but for democracy not having a strong opposition is a disaster in waiting. This is more so with AAP because I believe that it has yet to evolve as a political party. AAP from where I see right now is a movement. A movement which has a national agenda and a long-term vision. AAP has passion, voice and people to back them but all these things need not necessarily translate into a strong administrator. Administration is a different ball game all together and you need experience rather than emotions which is the prominent thing in a movement. Administration needs maturity and a stable leadership rather than rowdiness of a mob or a movement with the party displayed in its brief stint in the government a year back. AAP is bound to make mistakes I just hope they are not fatal to Delhi’s causes.

If you ask me I would have prefered AAP as a strong opposition with BJP as the ruling party. Please understand that this is not an article written by a BJP supporter but a person who loves his country and Delhi as it is where I spend most part of my day before retiring to Gurgaon. I also don’t have a vote here. So my view is quite unbiased. BJP is in centre and if Delhi had BJP at its helm, things would have been easier. Various infrastructural projects, power projects and utility budgets would have been getting faster clearances. Now with AAP at the driver’s seat things will be different and difficult especially for project which needs special sanctions from centre. Please keep in mind that Delhi is not a full state and a lot depends on Centre. I am from Madhya Pradesh and have witnessed similar situations at the state level when Congress was in the state and BJP at the centre and visa versa. The state always has funding problems. Every time a project was delayed the blame game would start and finally people of the state had to suffer. I see the same thing happening here in Delhi and this is bound to effect Delhi’s progress. AAP’s would be Chief Minister in his very first meeting with the Prime Minister spoke about full statehood to Delhi but this is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Again due to its inexperience AAP will be more sensitive to public voices and they might react to every little demand of theirs. This might be detrimental to its long-term sustainability as decision-making may be flawed. AAP needs maturity and vision which is practical and sustainable for the state. Corruption and Women safety are major problems for the country as a whole. There problems are not state specific so the party has to make a plans for the state as they will be now responsible for Delhi. AAP is not a party at the centre. They have some micro level agenda but reducing electric bills and making water free are not practical solutions. These promises might sound good in an election pitch but what about the deficit they will create in the revenue flow? How will the party manage that aspect? What about maintenance of the pump stations, power stations etc?

These are my tough but from where I see it right now Delhi has missed a point here. By electing AAP they have put lot to pressure on the new party and it will be an up hill task from them. God be with them and Delhi.


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