Movie Review – The Raid Part 1 & 2 ****


I like these double reviews, especially with a movie like Raid as you can clearly see the difference between the two movies especially when it comes to production quality. Raid 1 deals with a police raid of an underworld hide out compared to Raid 2, which deals with undercover mission by a cop to clean the scum of the society.

But what remains intact is that both is that they are painted with red. Every second scene is drenching with blood and the methods of killing are mostly horrific and brutal. If you are the type who love action with lots of blood on the floor, smashed heads, body cut into half and are a pure martial arts fan then you should look no further. The actions sequence in both the movies are just awesome to say the least.

The first movie when released was little known production but it soon became a full-grown franchise with Iko Uwais the lead actor becoming an over night martial art superstar. Both moves are devoid of any emotions, they are raw, brutal and uncompromising when it comes to blood sheds. They are good movies of most Indians who don’t follow the spoken english and relay heavily on subtitles. Actually you don’t need to understand the dialogues. You should just love action and martial arts movies and of course should have a strong heart.

Please avoid watching with very small kids. Its actually for adults only.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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