Cricket World Cup 2015 – India V/s Australia, It’s how you play the game matters


We humans have a vivid memory. We tend to forget the biggest of events but remember the smallest of things in life. I still remember the innings Ajay Jadeja played against Pakistan hitting Waqar Younis all along the park. I remember the emotions showed by Vinod Kambli after India’s semi final lose against Sri Lanka. Who can forget the defeat South Africa had against Australia when Alan Donald could not complete one run and the storm called Sachin Tendulkar at Sharjah. Likewise yesterday we witness another memorable match between New Zealand and South Africa. Have you ever thought why are these matches memorable and who makes them memorable? Winning a match is defiantly important  but more important is how it was played and that’s what makes them memorable. This is the same reason why a flamboyant Viv Richards will be always remembered more than a Gordon Greenidge, A Sachin Tendulkar will always be more popular than a Sunil Gavaskar. A Wasim Akram will be more menacing than a Kapil Dev. It is basically the way you have played the game that makes the difference. Look at the current South Africa team, Hasim Amla has a better statistic than everyone in the team but people will remember AB De Villiers. People might forget the Martin Guptill’s double century but will never forget Brendon Mccullum hitting. People might remember Virat Kohli’s century against Pakistan but Ajinkya Rahane’s innings against South Africa was in a league of its own. This is the first article I am writing on Cricket the game I have loved so much. My friends in college are testimony of  my madness about the game and that the very reason I believe that it is always the way you play the game defines the player you are, defines the team you are and eventually the way people remember you.

India plays Australia tomorrow in the World Cup 2015 semifinal and boy I can imagine the pressure, tension and the excitement both on and off the field. Every expert of the game is talking about records and how the two teams stacked up amongst each other. As far as the skills are concerned no question that they are quite similar and there is not much to choose from. As far as the statistics goes, Australia has an upper hand. But I don’t consider both as my tool to measure teams and their probability of winning or loosing. For me ATTITUDE is number one. M S Dhoni is proving to be a great captain but no one can forget the captain Sourav Ganguly was as he was the one who changed the way India play’s the game for ever. He taught the team that how you play game is nothing but attitude. I don’t care India wins or looses tomorrow all I care is that they should play the game as kings who are fighting as if there is no tomorrow. If all the players give there 100% and take responsibility and accountability for wha they do on the field, I see no reason why this Indian team cannot succeed to either win or make this match a memorable one. I feel this will be a match to watch even better than the one we saw yesterday. Sydney will turn colour blind tomorrow and the only colour every Australian will see is blue.


All the best India!


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