Movie Review – Interstellar ***


It’s s mashup of all science theories, fiction, physics with a dash of love. A mission to explore new planet for mankind to survive as our dear earth is dying. Death due to our own misconduct. Theories like black hole, relativity, gravity and time travel are tested.

Its is a film which keeps you interested with its pace and events. A good film for all science enthusiast. There is not much of action or thrill where I felt it somehow fell short. An obvious comparison will be with the other blockbuster film Gravity will revel this shortcoming in a more pronounced way. Nevertheless the scale of the movie was quite obvious with a confusing end.

Both Mathew McConaughey & Anna Hathaway play their part well. Some actors with great talent like Matt Damon are wasted with insignificant roles. Also at some places the films fiction element goes overboard. But overall this Christopher Nolan film is worth a watch.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Interstellar ***

  1. Interesting to read a review from someone who felt it was average. My mind was blown. I was listening to Professor Brian Cox and he was saying the science in the film is solid. This only heightened the sense of awe that I felt during the film. I also appreciated the workout it gave my imagination. The full five stars from me. I respect your views, though and it’s great to come across your blog.


    1. Hi, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I agree that science is strong in the movie but in this case my expectation from the director Christopher Nolan is very high after his Dark Knight series. For me a movie is defined by its story and characters. I should no compare two movies but if you take the case of Gravity, Sandra Bullock stands out as Ryan Stone and after a point you stop admiring the CG and concentrate on her thrilling journey.

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