Movie Review – Avengers: Age of Ultron**1/2


This is a messed up mashup of superheros from Marvel stable. They are all fighting transformers umm! Robots or Terminators, you can term it any which way the outcome will be same.

This is a long movie, very long, stretched and boring to a large extent. There are cheeky lines from the characters with some good and some very average action sequences. The first Avengers was one of the biggest grosser in the history of cinema hence you can expect some big numbers here but it lacks merit the same way it lacks story and innovative thinking.

There are some big stars to boost of in this series and this movie adds a few more. As individual characters Iron Man, hulk and even Captain America have done well for Marvel, they are also releasing Ant Man soon. I guess there is an over kill of this kind of movies. Production companies make a lot of money with movies based on animated or comic characters as they have larger acceptability but somewhere they become monotonous and that’s the big problem with Avengers : Age of Ultron

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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