Movie Review – Gabbar***


A man grieved by his wife’s death embarks in a mission to end corruption by killing corrupt officers across the government and corporate sector. He uses the name of the most popular Bollywood villains of all time GABBAR  for his mission.

This is a typical Murugados, Akshay Kumar duo film. Full of action, drama, dialogues, some songs and 90% Akshay Kumar. Then there are the ever popular Gabbar punch lines like ‘Kitne Admi The’ to ‘Gabbar aa jyega’, to ‘tera kaya hoga kaliya’. To a certain extent Kumar’s beard look and get up resembles Amjad Khan and his character in Sholay.

There are some interesting performances by other actors like Sunil Grover (with non Guthi get up). This is a rare commodity in a Akshay Kumar film. Shruti Hassan did not have too much to showcase though. Though the film is entertaining there have been much better films by Akshay in the recent past like ‘Baby’ and  ‘Special 26’. It also has its own flaws but that is Bollywood for you.

A one time watch for Akshay fan club.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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