The Forgotten God


I took this picture some time back. It was a Monday morning and I was rushing to my office and something stopped me. I kept staring at this idol as it baffled me as to how do I describe it. It asked me lot of questions and also game me lot of answers the biggest being the state of Mankind, Religion and most of all place of God in today’s mad world. I kept looking for a suitable title for this article and ‘The forgotten God’ seems to be the most appropriate as It seems as if we have forgotten God completely. What we believe in nowadays is Religion and are witnessing the devastating effects religious fanaticism and superstition has on mankind. I have echoed my thoughts in one of my movie reviews that religion divides us and only spirituality can unit us. Which country can justify and echo my thoughts more than India which was divided on the basis of Religion. I believe Religion and politics are just two sides of the same coin. Both ways you loose and some selfish people win. It has been the story and plight of religion and polities throughout history. They have been twisted and turned to benefit some and harms most. They have both led to great wars and destruction all around. War between countries, section of society and even war within each human being and their beliefs.

Be it the Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIS or any of the terrorist organisation their agenda is just to use the religious sentiments of people to create fear, inflect division, destruction and ultimately achieve their selfish  goals. Wither we build Ram Mandir or Babri Majid in Ayodhya it does not matter because we ultimately are not building a monument of peace but of hatred. Religions across world have lost their essence. People have forgotten that religion is just a way of life which helps you to long for the all mighty, the ultimate truth. What pains me most is that not many people are trying or willing to try to see beyond self and their selfish motives. Once people grow beyond these two things the only thing which remains is the desire to know the ultimate truth.

This idol has been deserted and now it is lying on the filth of a garbage shout. There was a time when it was probably a part of someone’s temple. Though It is just a manifestation of God but it had some meaning to someone once. Now as it has got deformed it has lost its value and has been thrown in the garbage. This happens because people look at the manifestation and not beyond it. Our Religions are just like this idol. They have value only till they serve some selfish purpose. But mostly they are object  which has filth all across it. Filth of hatred, filth of division, filth of superstitions, filth of polities and above all filth of war, destruction and blood. The only way left for us mankind is to look beyond this useless manifestation called Religion. Look beyond without being selfish and seek only for truth as only then we can achieve a world without hatred and divisions, a world without war and blood and a world full of love, peace and truth. A truth called God which exists and at the end only the way we long for him might differ and nothing else.


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