Kingsman The Secret Service**


A Billionaire’s weird way to save the earth prompts a secret agency to track him. The agency is also on a recruitment mode for their next Kingsman agent.

This is a bond movie in a Dick Tracy attire. The agency and its men have a retro look but the time they operate is modern. The concept is good but the execution falls short. All the actors are trying a bit to hard and so the cool is not so cool. The action sequence are also basic and you end up wanting for more.

It is hard to understand why a refined actor like Colin Firth signed for this movie? Samuel Jackson looked unconvincing and his characterization is weak. There are some good points like costume design and overall pace of the movie but all in all it is a below average product.

Had high expectations but probably next time.

*Poor **Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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