Movie Review – The Truman Show *****


A story about a man who’s life is a TV show without his knowledge.

This 1998 release is arguably one of the best movie you can watch from Hollywood. The concept, story and above all Jim Carrey at his very best. Though Carrey is known for his wacky roles from Ace Ventura & The Dumb And The Dumber, his effort in this movie won him the Golden Globe for best actor. Carrey though did not get a mention in the coveted Oscars which I have heard he hold a grudge till date resulting in his long absence from any award function recently when he was seen presenting an award in the same function.

The movie touches you both emotionally and also gives you goosebumps as the mere thought of someone playing God and controlling your whole life is scary. It is also funny and at the same time dark. The shades you see in the story is quite unique. Some of Carrey’s dialoges and the especially the climax still remains fresh in my memory after years and I am sure is the for all who have seen this cult movie. Another actor who really shined in this movie and got a mention in the Oscars in Ed Harris. Eventually it is the story which really catches your imagination and compels you to think that we are all living in a TV show directed by the all mighty and are playing Truman.

There is no better story than the stories of our live but we inevitably want to know what’s happening in someone elses life, probably it is more fun. If you want to experience something similar and you have not watched this movie yet, then probably it is time to do so.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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