Movie Review – Jurassic World***


The park has come alive once again with new dinosaurs some of them are genetically mutated to create more fun/mayhem.

Well when I first saw Jurassic park I was in school, CG was a big thing and the movie took the world by storm. Post few not so impressive followup’s and a long gap I was expecting a blast watching the Jurassic World. Frankly it did happen but in patches as for the most part it was a remake of the cult film. If you are watching a Dino movie for the first time in a theater then this movie holds its ground and there is no denying that it will work for you unfortunately for people like us comparison with JP is inevitable.

The build up is long hence the second part is much more fun than the first. The story of course is predictable as you don’t have much to alter here. As far as the performance goes all the actors are just about average. Good to see Irrfan Khan in a longer if not a very well written hollywood role. It is defiantly better than Godzilla. The actual heroes of the film are the extinct dinosaurs, CG & sound effects.

Watch it if you havent see the earlier movie or if you want to relive Jurassic Park.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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