WWDC 2015 – Apple stops innovating and follows Google & Microsoft


Recently Tim Cook and his team unveiled the new OS X EL Capitan for Mac, IOS 9 for iPhone and Watch OS for Apple watch. There are some incremental changes in all the OS’s but the popular feeling is that the innovator is now more and more a follower. Though Apple is a master marketer which is evident from the way it can present a software like keyboard and its improvements. Wow, awesome and amazing are words Tim and his soldiers use in abundance to glorify what is already present in some of the other operating systems. Let us try to understand what we are going to see from this tech giant in the coming future.



EL Capitan is an incremental upgrade to Yosemite with enhancement in performance and experience on Safari. It also blends with the new features in IOS. Apple is bringing its graphic technology Metal to the OS which will make life easy for developers. It will also enhance the performance. OS will also get split screens, enhancements in spotlight and flexibility in Notes.



IOS 9 gives little more attention this time with the iPad series. Apple have gone for picture in picture which was there in Samsung phones, split screens again Note series and windows laptops have them for ages now. What’s good is that the this OS update will take much less space on your iPhone this time. Functionality of Siri has been enhanced with proactive to compete with Google now and its contextual search. The company is also introducing transit in their maps again that sounds familiar WOW!.

What is always good about apple and its OS is that they all interact with each other seamlessly with handover and that will continue to improve with each changing number. also they push software to all their compatible handsets so unlike Google the reach is much better and most people around the world are on their latest and best software. The biggest thing is that unlike windows update these updates are free, now that an actual WOW!.

Watch OS


The biggest change is seen in the Watch OS domain which now will support native apps. For layman like us it means that now developers will be able to develop exclusive and standalone apps for the Apple Watch. It will not be just a shadow of the phone anymore and will have intelligence of its own.

Apart from the three OS Apple also introduced some new apps and services like News (like one in Android), enhancements in Apple Pay, Wallet (sounds familiar again) and the most interesting Apple Music. Apple always has had a long association with music and they are pioneers of online music with iTunes but they never has a platform to leverage it beyond a store. With Apple Music they bring in a streaming service and radio in the form of Beats Radio a 24 hours radio channel.


Apple Music is somewhat a mix of Spotify and Mix Radio from Nokia. Spotify is a very successful music streaming service but lacks a store. On the other hand Mix Radio has a store attached but lacks a Radio, remember World Space Radio which died due to being expensive and need of a separate setup?


What Apple is doing with Apple Music is not new but smartly packaging some of the strength of scattered music streamers, Radio stations and Stores What remain is to see how successful it will be but given the companies track record it should not falter. Apple Music will be available in more than 100 countries including India. For the first three months is will be free and new is that users in India will be changed Rs.120 a month after that.

Overall it has been a mixed feeling at WWDC. There are not significant changes in the OS but there is an effort to improve them and also enhancement of performance of the devices. Comparing it with Google I/O where there is a noticeable emphasis on innovation, WWDC looked more run of the mill affair. End if the day when the hardware launches in September people will still flock for the new iPhone 6s & the iPhone 6s Plus, the new Mac 13″ and other stuff as this is Apple at its marketing best WOW! AMAZING! AWESOME!.


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