Movie Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind****


A couple completely disgusted with each other undergo a procedure to remove each other from their memories.

I am a big Jim Carrey fan and have seen most of his films. Few days back I also re-watched Truman Show which in my opinion is his best till date. I did hear a lot about this one but somehow could never see it till this weekend. Now that I have seen it I must say I am an even bigger fan of this versatile actor. seldom you come across someone who can play such variety of roles with so much ease. It also has another top-notch performance by Kate Winslet, she has since then matured as an awesome actor and after Reader she ranks as one of the best actors in the circuit today.

The biggest hero of this film is its story, it is original and a spectrum of shades which resulted in a deserving Oscar. I am not too sure about the screenplay and overall treatment of the film though as for most it will be hit and miss affair. I am sure for some it much be a bizarre experience and for others a masterpiece. Overall I would say if you have flair for experimental movies, off beat films than this one is for you for sure, you will love it. But if you are those formula romcom kinds than don’t bother yourself.

I really liked Winslet’s hair colour complements the film.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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