Movie Review: Michael Clayton ***1/2


A corporate drama involving a chemical company beep in rut and law firm defending it. All goes wrong when a senior lawyer has a mental breakdown as he tries to unearth the dark secrets of his client and introduction of a fixer to clean up mess.

This is a sleek one if you have the taste. George Clooney is just perfect for these kind of roles, he looks very good in suites (not the batman one though with protruding man nipples, LOL). One of the highlight of the film is the act by Tilda Swinton, I don’t know why she ends up in creepy roles when she has so much talent. This is one of the rate movies where I liked Tom Wilkinson, I am not a big fan of his.

The movie has a decent pace barring the first 10 to 15 minutes where the director tried to unnecessarily tries to shuffle though time to confuse the audience (this is no thriller or murder mystery). The story is strong though I must say the ending is bit abrupt and easy.

Tony Gilroy is no John Grisham and is better known for his Bourne series and this is not a movie for everyone.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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