Movie Review: Bahubali ***


A kings child lost in the woods comes back to claim what is rightfully his.

This is a 6 hour-long saga of power, revenge, war and if time permits love. There are many old wines and tadi (an indian spirit popular in parts of India). From Avatar to Lord of the Rings, from Karan Arjun to Jodha Akbar, from The Mask to Gladiator, you name it and you will get a shade of it. This mega film will be released in 2 parts and it been three years under production and continues. The unnatural keeps happening and laws of physics are put to rest.

Good things first, great attempt a finally we see a well put together film with decent CG & special effects. The actors have done a decent job and it is good to see Ramya after a long time. Bad thing, well as Indian movie viewership still lack behind Hollywood hence the budget is restricted. This has an effect in the final product which still looks a far cry from a movie like an Avatar or even a Gladiator leave aside a Jurassic World. That said it is still a great effort and for sure it is paid off by the audience as the ticket sales show.

Though the movie is long, it will keep you interested and you will wait for the next installment slated to release in 2016.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


One thought on “Movie Review: Bahubali ***

  1. Hi nice work. I do agree that its a benchmark for Indian standards in many ways but the story was too simple and the cliffhanger would only work if there was scope for grey characters, but Bahubali has clear distinctions between good and bad characters and its obvious Kattappa will be blackmailed or coerced in some way by the evil villain to do what he did. Its not much of a suspense and doesn’t really whet my appetite for the next movie. Anyway, Check out my review of the same at


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