Movie Review: Drishyam ****


A aam admi tries to save his family from the unruly police especially the IG who also happens to be the mother of the missing boy.

Drishyam means visuals, sometime what you see can just be a mirage, more subconscious than conscious. This concept is weaved in this thrilling story originally written by Jeetu Joseph and adopted by Upendra Sidhaya. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, this is one of the most entertaining thriller after Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani (2012). This is no murder mystery or suspense thriller but the way it has been written is quite unique and hits the right notes with the Indian EQ. Hence it is no surprise that this is the fourth time the story has been adopted and all the past three outing has been a blockbuster.

This movie if you ask me belongs to Tabu playing Meera Deshmukh, the inspector General of Goa police. She is also the mother of a young boy gone missing desperate to find him. She though under playing the character to keep it as realistic as possible, plays the part brilliantly bringing out the toughness of a police officer and the anxiety of a mother who has no clue about her son. She shines in every frame she is in and deserves a credit. Ajay Devgn though good in his part is slightly pulled back by average performance by Shriya Saran, who unfortunately is not someone you will connect with and looked flat. I also felt some of the characters in the film were either given unnecessary screen time or were grossly under written like the one played by Rajat Kapoor. Apart from the lead, the casting is by all means just average which actually takes away some shine from the overall experience.

Then there are areas where I felt the logic behind some of police’s actions were uncalled for and also the investigation had gaps (but that’s just me with a high dosage of Agatha Christie). Nevertheless this is a great entertainer and is worth every penny spent. Go with your family and enjoy.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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