Movie Review: Mission Impossible – Rouge Nation ***1/2


The Syndicate has become stronger than ever before and they are coming for the IMF with all their might. Ethan Hunt and his boys also have to deal with the opposition from CIA who thinks they are a useless organisation and should be discontinued.

Ethan Hunt is James Bond of Hollywood. Both are high on octane and full of almost unbelievable stunts. What makes Mission Impossible even more fascinating is Tom Cruise as he does most of his stunts on his own and unlike other actions films there is limited use of modern-day CGI. This is a franchise my generation grew watching and it throughly deserves the cult status it enjoys. The other impressive addition to the star-studded line up is Rebecca Ferguson playing Ilsa Faust as she could match Tom Cruise in every way. This edition also does not disappoint on the overall execution part and is fun to watch with its one liners.

But there is a problem with the series and it lies in its predictability. Content wise there is nothing new. We almost know from the very beginning how the movie will span out and that takes the thrill part out of the overall experience. It is a very good action film but not a thriller. This in my opinion is a big aspect which is missing and was so distinctively engraved in the first two edition of the franchise. It is this very reason I consider them as the best MI to have ever release.

I would still recommend it as a good action movie but not a thriller.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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