Movie Review: Manjhi- The Mountain Man ****1/2


Once there was an emperor who made a tomb for his beloved wife. It took 20000 people, 22 years to build it which in today currency is valued at an estimated 53 billion Indian Rupees (close to 1 billion US). Taj Mahal today stands as one of the wonders of the world. But this is a story of a king but a man as common as you and me. A man who loved his wife like crazy. It took in 22 years, a chisel and a hammer to break a mountain and make a road in memory of his wife who dies due to the delay in reaching the hospital on time as the mountain stood on his way. It is no Taj Mahal but it is also no less. This is the story of Dashrath Manjhi.

It is a tough ask to bring a story to the big canvas which is devoid of any glamour as I said it is no Taj Mahal. But I mush appreciate Ketan Mehta for the effort. I know it is not without faults but even Taj Mahal has faults. Nawazuddin Siddique’s career is still in its nascent stage but it is no short of a great one. In this short time he has achieved what few can dream of and this effort of his is without dough his best till date. When he said it was his toughest role he was absolutely correct. Radhika Apte if not brilliant but was no short of a revelation and our expectation is rising with every film.

You may hate the movie or love it but you should not ignore it. It is a must watch as it will move you even if you are a mountain of restrained emotion.


*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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