Movie Review: Phantom **1/2


The name ‘Phantom’ comes from a comic book hero who has a demean of a ghost (Remember Rolls Royce Phantom Ghost). He is hard to trace and has a mysterious existence. In modern world he can be best described as a spy. Our Hero here is a disgraced army man who goes about terminating the 2008 Mumbai attach masterminds.

Well it has been a mixed bag for me as if I consider the emotional aspect of being an Indian looking for Justice this is a film which will touch you but if I look at it from an impartial movie critic it fails in many ways. The film is slow with the action picking up only later in the second half. All the termination assignment have been loosely written and looks far from reality. Imagine we are yet to make any headway with Pakistan and here we terminate someone in USA. In India it takes ages to prove a case and in US it takes just one hearing to convict someone with no proof. Stuff like these takes the sheen out of the movie at large.

Coming to acting Saif Ali Khan is good at certain places and average at other. Katrina Kaif is as stiff as her makeup. I heard today that she in one of her interviews seems to have suggested that she will marry only when she gets a National Award. Well I wish all the luck to her boyfriend. The only person who had an impact was Md. Zeeshan Ayub. But as I said in the beginning when you watch a film like this it is your emotional connect to the subject which takes a precedence and that it precisely I would recommend this film to you.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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