Is there a Hitler Road?

Of late there is a big debate happening in India regarding renaming Aurangzeb Road to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road in New Delhi. Well if you don’t know Aurangzeb was a Mughal Ruler pre colonization by the British and he was a barbaric one especially cruel towards non-Muslims. Historians and society at large are divided on the ruling. Some say the government is trying to rewrite our history and others saying that government is giving out a message to the Muslim population to choose between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim. There are also some people who are willing to debate than Aurangzeb on the contrary was a great emperor. But the most significant amongst the logic to reinstate the name of the road back to Aurangzeb road is that regardless of what he did he is an integral part of our history and we should regard him for the same. So I thought to get help from Google baba and find out is there a Hitler Road somewhere in Germany, Austria or any other part of the world. I am sure Hitler was a much more integral part of world history than Aurangzeb and of course much more menacing.

What I could figure out that post WWII all the roads, squares etc. which had his name were changed to more relevant once. Now I am not Historian or someone who knows much about the same but from the initial small search I could not find a single road which is currently name after the dictator. If there are few then they are more insignificant than India Gate at the center of New Delhi where Aurangzeb Road was situated. In fact if you dig deep with names like Idi Amin, Stalin etc. you will find people in today’s world are trying to forget them as bad dreams. Sometimes here in India I am amazed to see how people misuse their democratic powers and political parties try to play politics of Religion. For me it is plain and simple, people like Aurangzeb have to be forgotten as just one chapter in our History books. It is not about good Muslim bad Muslim. It is also not about any religion per say but for our future. We need good examples for our future generations. It least I would like my kid to remember Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rather than Aurangzeb.


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