Movie Review: Spectre ***1/2


I am back from hibernation and holiday. For the last few weeks I have been surrounded by superheros and detectives, I guess this is the genre of the year for me. In this brand of movies, James Bond holds a special place partly due to the women around him and partly due to his love for cars. I can safely say it is a better combination than Vodka Martini shaken, stirred and now dirty. This outing of 007 sticks to the basics of a Bond movie. There is not much to worry about. Things from the very biggening are sorted and you can predict the end. It is a joy ride for classic Bond fans.

Daniel Craig looked a bit tired and age seems to be catching up with this 47 year old. Same can be said about Monica Ballucci coupled with the moral policing in India there is not much of her in the film. Lea Seydoux had a much longer screen presence but when compared to some of the earlier bond girls like Halle Berry, Rosemund Pike and Eva Green, she falls short on the impact front. Christoph Waltz was also not half a menacing as Javier Bardem from Skyfall and I really missed Judy Dench as ‘M’.

As I said earlier this is a classic bond film having some breathtaking actions scenes and the customary car chases and crashes. The camera work and locations are spot on and all credit to Sam Mendes and his team for the same. Another highlight of the film is its music, both the title track and background score is awesome and one of the best in some time. The screenplay is a bit wobbly along with the pace of the film which is on and off.

Everything said you will have a great time and it will money well spent.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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