Movie Review – Tamasha**


A boy grows up to be a man buried in expectations from family and friends to be a normal person with average life, only problem are his dreams which are big and full of stories. A story about conflicting ideologies and personalities.

Director Imtiaz Ali picks up a topic which I am sure every child growing up faces. From idolising your parents , teachers to great cricketers and roles models. They keep dreaming to change the world but end up running a race with no destination or direction eventually fading out in a world of copy cats. But there is a problem here as the storyteller tries to many things and the actual story is lost somewhere. The screenplay is inconsistent as it shifts from arty to contemporary style. At quite a few places the Ali successfully confuses the audience thinking the lead character to have split personalties but actually it turns out to be a fight between his aspirations and actual life.

Ranbir Kapoor and Dipika Padukone have an average outing. For Ranbir it was reliving his Wake up Sid and Rockstar days and for Dipika it was another of her staple act. Infact it is one movie where non of the actors really stood out. Some of the songs were decent and A R Rehman also could have done better. Finally I am disappointed as the story had so much potential. The idea of having a outing with a stranger with no strings attached is not only romantic but adventurous to say the least.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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