Movie Review: The Martian ***

Holidays are over but the hangover is prevails. It was a great time for some movie watch and this Ridley Scott adventure is the one I start with. The story is about a astronaut counting his days on the red planet. The director did not waste time and straight away got to the point for scene one. Scott is no stranger to big budgets and lavish productions and this film is no different. It is a futuristic film with imaginative possibilities and to a large extent foreseeable.

It will not be wrong to say that this film belongs to Matt Damon in many ways. Also good to see him in a film where his acting stills were used more than his action skills as I have always maintained he is a better actor than what he is offered in Hollywood. Rest of the cast is good and capable of great performances but none have a meaty role to write home about which is a shame.

Now coming to the areas where I felt the film faltered. First of all the length of the film. It is a two and a half hour part documentary part thriller which is hard to digest. This is also the reason why the narative is two paced. The story is also quite predictable which can be good for some people though but not for me. A shoter film with more twist and turns and a happy ending would have worked better.

In the end a decent watch but could have been much better.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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