Relative Perception – The only thing that matters

Who am I? Or who are you? They are very important questions and I am sure all of us have asked ourselves or to someone else. They are questions asked consciously or otherwise. But the questions in themselves are not that interesting. It is the answers that defines everyone and everything on this planet and beyond. They are powerful answers, which in many ways cover the past, present and the future. When I dug deep in the answers all I could come up with are two definitive influential words “Relative” & “Perception”. Perception in itself is a very profound expression but when I added Relative to the context it covered every possible answers to these questions and possibly all questions in the world one can ask. We can most certainly say that every answer has these two elements in it. The use of these two powerful words can change everything. Let me give you an example by asking myself “who am I?”

A1: I am a man – (Because someone is perceived as a women with contain relative physical characteristics different than mine.)

I am taller than an average Indian male – (Relative average height of Indian male is 5.6” where measurement is relative and average height is perception created by general censes)

Now let’s dig deeper

I am feeling happy – (relative to someday when I felt unhappy, happy or unhappy is a state of mind created by perception and day is relative)

I have grown old – (age is a relative number but growing old mental and is perception) 

These two words are ever existing and constantly changing or evolving around us. Say if you want to cure someone from depression or want a person, group of person or even the whole world to see a situation from a particular angle you just have to effectively use these tools. Advertising & Media companies use this tool very effectively. Everything from fairness creams to weight reduction products to wars, everything is sold using these power tools. We all fear death right? Because it is perceived as the ultimate illusion when compared to life. No one knows what happens at the other end. What if you look at life as the illusion and death is the ultimate truth. Hindus have swarg, Muslims have Jannat, Christians have heaven and they all are very beautiful. Religions across world have used this relative perception. That’s is the reason when people grow old they tend to become more religious.  

Unfortunately such a power truth is nowadays used more from selfish motives and destruction. Imagine a world where more people use it for betterment of one’s life and mankind. Don’t you think it will be a much better place?  A boy who flunks in an exam and commits suicide because everyone around him has told him that if he fails he is doomed. There is no future for him. Imagine what would have happened if he was told to try his level best in the exam but if he does not make it this time he can try again or otherwise he can look at different options. There can be infinite examples around you where you can use these tools effectively and positively. Use this tool for yourself in a positive way and see the difference. I am sure you benefit from it and if opportunity arises you will one day be changing the world for good.


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