Movie Review: Airlift***1/2


Based on a real life incidence when more than 1,50,000 Indian nationals war refugees were evacuated by Indian Government during the Gulf War. This is a Akshay Kumar movie from start to finish. Not that it is a new thing as whenever he is around no one else is visible. But this is special as he is more human than a super-hero. He gets beaten up and does show the emotion called fear.

Raja Menon creates a realistic film barring the first song sequence. He does not waste time on the unnecessary drama and sticks to the plot from the very beginning. Nimrit Kaur is good at places and so is Purab Kohli but the two people who stole the show were Kumud Mishra as the government officer who lack energy but gives his 100% and Prakash Belawadi as the irritating refugee George.

The film has a good pace but lack in the thrill department. I think it has more to do with the documentary style approach. Also the actual operation by the government takes a back seat as it has to focus on the main protagonist. But these are just nitpickings and there is no doubt that Airlift is one of the best films to have released in some time from Bollywood which loves its love stories and family dramas. You should defiantly watch it and feel proud of our great nation.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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