Movie Review: Joy***


Loosely based on a real life story of a women breaking barriers and stereotype to become a household name and a successful business women. This movie seems to have been made for Jennifer Lawrence. Joy is adjusting in relationships and yet adament when it comes to carrier. She is easy on one side and difficult on other. She is simple and yet complecated. Jennifer Lawrence gives a convincing performance once again and has a commanding presence in every frame.

The movie overall disappoints in many aspects. Firstly the plot. It is a hit and miss at many places. Things have been given precedence and screen time which had no real value add towards the actual story and hence the ending is very abrupt and illogical in practice. Secondly actors like Robert De Niro & Bradley Cooper have been just wasted. The roles written for all the other actors other than Joy’s are sketchy and fails to do justice to the talent at disposal.

At the end you do have a feel good factor but that and the talent of Jennifer Lawrence is all what you get. David O Russell, we expect lot more from you.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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