Movie Review: Deadpool****


Deadpool is a relatively new comic character from the Marvel Universe. An Ex Special Agent with a loud mouth who suffers from chronic cancer undergoes a rogue experiment, which turns him into a person with expedited healing powers and a face to remember.

Deadpool is a fresh outlook to the ever increasing hollywoods romance with superheros. Nowadays if you really count the industry dishes out two superhero movies every month on an average and that too of big banners and budget. This is apart from TV series like Daredevil & Jessica Jones. The movie is also rated A (Suitable for Adult Viewer ship) which is a rare for a comic book character. There is a lack of new ideas and ability of risk taking and hence the tried and tested formula. The best part of the movie is its dark humour created by the ever talkative lead character. He also interacts with the audience time and again. Deadpool also hilariously pulls up his treatment in earlier X Men Wolverine franchise.

Ryan Reynolds is just awesome in every scene (unlike the doomed Green Lantern)and coupled with some brilliant screenplay, camera work and writing you just cannot get bored. It also has some edge of the seat action sequences which does not look overboard and has realistic tone. Considering it is the first full length feature film for Tim Miller, he has done an outstanding job and has opened doors to an exciting career in Hollywood.

Just go alone or with like minded people to watch this movie and most definatly avoid taking childrens. The film is full of the F*** word, The S** act and A** word/angles.


*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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