Movie Review: Spotlight****


The movie follows a true story of Boston Globe, a leading newspaper on their journey to uncover the dark side of Catholic Church involved in child molestation. It is a style of movie making which is fast disappearing. There is no big drama. The star cast consists of three past and present superhero/villains but there is nothing super about their character. They are as ordinary as they come but what they achieve is extraordinary in terms of acting. It is also heartening to see such an ensemble deliver such a smooth experience.

Director Tom McCarthy captures the pre internet days most skilfully where people are scouting through heaps of papers to find out the most basic information. It is a time when people had to take life threatening risk to find out news worth printing. This is also a time when newspaper was not just another media but was the one and was taken seriously. The sets, cars even the granular camera work is meticulous.

Finally the story which is so strong and at the same time hear breaking.  I also appreciate the work of the original team at Boston Globe who were behind this uncover. It is a very difficult thing to do at any given point of time specially when religious institutions are involved in crime of any nature. This is one of the best work of investigative journalism in the history, another dying art.

Must watch for aspiring journalists and otherwise.


*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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