Movie Review: Batman vs Superman- Dawn of Justice**


This is by far the most anticipated movie of 2016 and it is also the most disappointing when you consider the hype. On its own though it is a decent watch with its flaws. Lets start with the good part and I am myself surprised in a good way to say that I like Ben Affleck’s Batman. After Christian Bale I though it will be tough to replace him so fast but to Ben’s credit the new look is refreshing. Batman is more mature and brutal against baddies. Henry Cavill does a good job but there is a hangover from Man of Steel. As for Amy Adams not much way there to do. Another huge surprise was Gal Gadot with her role as Wonder Women. Director Zack Snyder keeps the story telling close to source material which according to me is a good thing but here is where the film also has its lacuna especially for people who don’t know the origins.

The film tries to squeeze in too much which derailed the editing. In fact the first half is so bad that it for difficult for a DC fan like myself to make any sense of some of the things which were happening. I felt the film was trying to juggle between present and future with Justice League being its focus, so much so that some part of the film looked as if we are watching tailors of movies to come. All being said the biggest disappointment of this film is Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg was a casting mistake. To me Michael Rosenbaum will be hard to beat. The final nail in the coffin was Doomsday.

Watch this film only if you are a big DC fan and know the origins.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good



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