Movie Review – The Jungle Book****


Watching The Jungle Book was nostalgic for me. I was only a small kid studying in class 2 when I went with school to watch The Jungle Book at a theatre and this weekend when I watched this movie with my daughter who is in class 2 brought back all those beautiful memories. In fact this time we were also accompanied by her grandmother so you can very well understand the demographics this movie covers.

The Jungle book sticks to its DNA and hence has a soul of this own which is intact and only enhanced by today’s advanced visual effects. The live action is integrated beautifully and even though visually it is not as elaborate as Life of Pi, it certainly holds its own flavour. There is not a single dull moment and the movie seems shorter than its actual runtime. Neel Sethi shines amidst big stars and it will be only fare to say that the this movies successes lies on his small shoulders and he did not disappoint.

This is a must match for all age groups and not just children’s. Just don’t miss it as this is probably one of the best movies to release in year 2016.


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