Game of Thrones – Season 6 Premieres


Finally Indian audience are been acknowledged and we are getting content to watch together with the world. This is the season six of one of televisions most iconic shows and all the excitement is building up. ‘The Red Women’ serves as an ideal curtain raiser to this entertainer and I am sure peoples doubt on Jon Snow fate is taken care of . Now that we are done with him at least for now, we can concentrate on other characters. This premier also puts all the other characters on their starting position in the globe. True to its nature the seasons body count has also begun and I believe it will get bloodier. My feeling is that this season will belong to the Stark sisters, their training and resurrection .

The production value of Game of Thrones is just superb. The sets, locales, cinematography, make up, dress design, the performance of the cast and almost everything about the show is just outstanding. In this particular episode, the shots taken in the snow are top class coupled with the background music it was chilly. Also the last scene of Melisandre was quite unexpected and this very nature of the show is probably what makes Games of Thrones such an exciting watch. I will follow up with my final review of the complete season after the finale so keep watching.


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