Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War***


This is not a war between the good and the evil but between two ideologies. But all this seems just to families, don’t you think so? There are too many superheroes and just after two months after the disaster called Superman vs Batman – Dawn of Justice. Somehow Marvel seems to be doing it bit better than DC when it comes to an ensemble cast.

Lets start with the good part first. The action and special effects/CGI is very good. Of course there is this destruction part and everything seems to keep falling and everybody around seems to be dying. This collateral damage seems to be making super life of our stars bit complicated and the solutions seems to be the reason of fight (spoiler). I liked what I saw of the rebooted Spider man, the sad part is that once few years back this bloke had his own franchise which was once successful. Ant Man was a surprise package.

What’s wrong? Well for one as I said there are too many characters and some of the are half baked. The other major problem is that one who is new to the franchise has to see all the previous Avengers and Captain America movies to make some head or tail about what is happening. I also thought that the end could have been better and should have left the audience with some more suspense to look forward to the upcoming movies. RIP Peggy Carter, she is doing great on TV though.

Watch it only if you are a superhero fan even if it means over eating. But if you can wait then Suicide Squad should be a nice watch with a twist in August.


*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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