Google i/o 2016 -Virtual Reality


Google is back with its annual program the Google I/O and it is time to look at some of the technologies for the future in the world of mobile. There have been many announcements in the keynote out of which most of them were expected. There are some though which needs special attention as they will define how we use our smartphones in the future. I will be writing about some of these developments in my next few post. To start with lets focus on the one technology which will transform our lives the most, VR.

Virtual Reality is still in its very nascent stage with companies still trying to discover its full potential. In the current form it is no more than a gimmicky tool used for entertainment and some gaming. But if you imagine its future potential then Google’s efforts it is a baby step to endless possibilities. Imagine a specialist surgeon overseeing a surgery from his office in US and the surgery is happening in some part of Africa. He is able to watch the surgery as if he is in that OT. It cuts down so many unnecessary costs and brings the best option possible closer to where it is needed. From medical science to space research to aircraft pilot training it can do many things.

Add a little bit of augmented reality and you have a virtual world around you. Children’s can learn about Mars by having a 360 degree view. We will have cinema made for VR, where you might play a character in the plot. Just keep thinking and you will be amazed to know just how many things can become a reality.

Google is calling the world of virtual reality ‘Daydream’ and in the current state it is just daydreaming but very soon it will be more than a reality. This is what I like about companies like Google and Microsoft. They are working on projects for the future like Hololen. Apple please take note.

Next up… Android Apps for Chrome.


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