Movie Review – X-Men Apocalypse***1/2


It has been a busy weekend with Google i/o, IPL Cricket & now release of X-Men Apocalypse. This is a 2 hour plus roller-coast of superheroes and villeins. The first 20 minutes of this film has more fun than entire Superman v/s Batman. You can also call this a Oscar Isaac film. His character is fascinating and I am sure that body suit must have made him put some muscles on. This is also the first X-Men after its reboot where Mistique (Jennifer Lawrence) had little part of importance to play.

The film has some brilliant action sequence filled with CGI. The entire cast gets involved as there are sub plots after sub plots. Michael Fassbender is in his own league along with Oscar Isaac, easily make the two of the best modern day actors in Hollywood. This time though I was also impressed with James McAvoy. He is getting a hang of his part now. Sophie Turner as Jean Grey is a good addition as she has matured well from a child actor in G.O.T. and now is a fairly know face across the world.

Everything is not hunky dory though as the films time lines are messed up and editing could have been better. If you are not familiar with the series then it can be extremely confusing. Also all that technology in the 80’s backdrop does not make much synergy. Nevertheless it is one of the better movies to watch and the length of the movie will not be overbearing.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good




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