Android Apps for Chrome

Chrome is arguably the most popular web browser in the world today. One of the main reason for the same is its natural cohesiveness with Google. We all know that when it comes to search on the internet there are two things, one Google and second everything else. So it is not surprising that these two tools contributes close to 80% of what we do on a computer or laptop connected to internet. Google has identified this trend and created Chromebook, a cheap alternative to say a Mac book which can cost a bomb. Chromebooks run Chrome OS which is a light browser with its own app. The one problem which Chrome currently has is apps. The number of app or extensions are still limited and no where close to those or Mac or IOS or Android.

Enter Android, worlds largest mobile operating system with one of the widest selection of apps.Android today runs more than 80% of smartphones and has apps in millions. This summer Google will bringing all these Android apps Chrome OS. Which means we will be able to run these app on Chrome browsers and Chromebooks. This will make Chrome OS one of the richest OS and it will then complete will the likes of Mac and Windows 10. There is a lot of work pending though as Android apps are generically designed for touch operations and porting them for key board operation will not be easy. Also most apps in Android are portrait in nature and laptops and Chromebooks are landscape.

I am sure with time the transition will become smooth and when it does it will be fun. You never know in the coming years we might see offices using Chromebooks as their primary business driver.

Next Up….. Allo & Duo



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