Google i/o -Allo & Duo


Google is launches two new apps Allo & Duo. Allo is a messaging app with a difference. It has Google Now which is its search intelligence backed into it. This means it will be smarter than other messaging services. Being tied to your phone number it is not specific to Android only and so you can use it on your iPhone. It will be smart enough to understand what discussion is going on and suggest answers, stats and related information which sounds bit creepy but in a good way. Of course Google says all communications are coded and completely safe. It also has the incognito mode for those secret moments. The problem with Allo is that if might have come too late as the market is already flooded with big names and it will be a big fight to the top. I would have liked an Hangout update to a new app.

The next app which I am more excited in Duo. For some time now I an waiting for a Facetime competitor. As Facetime is exclusive for IOS, it is useless for Android users like me. I am left which either using Viber or Skype. Both these services are crap when used in cellular networks as they even struggle on Wifi. Google promises that this app will work on networks with low bandwidth which is a good thing for countries like India where 4G seems to be taking ages to launch.The app also as a knock knock facility which allows you so see who is calling and also the context i.e., if the person is calling with a bouquet of flowers or a gun :-).

I am not too sure if I will use anything apart from Whatsapp for messaging as it has a great penetration in the country but Duo is one which I will defiantly try. If is delivers then we have winner here. Next up ‘Instant Apps for Android’…




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