Google i/o 2016 – Instant Apps


Are you an app person who has a phone load of apps then this post is not for you. I like to keep my phone clean but may a times I need certain apps for one time use or for a certain period. I hate to download these apps and then remove them after use. Sometimes I also want to try out a new app but again it means wasting my time and mobile memory space. Instant apps are just the right solution for people like me.

Instant app lets us open an app without really downloading it into the phone. It is basically a web based app with  functionality of the actual app. It gives you a feel of the experience you will get after downloading the actual app and also allows you some basic functionalities. After you have used the  web app and if you have liked it you can then go ahead and download it.

This give a great marketing tool to all app developers to showcase their products and to consumers like us the flexibility and freedom to choose. Next up the big one Android N.


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