Google i/o 2016 – Android N


So this is it. This is the big release in this year Google i/o. Well not really as Android N is more of an extension or refinement to Android Marshmallow than a real version change. There are changes here and there but essentially the experience really remains the same. That said there are couple of changes that matters and significantly helps Android to move ahead.

The first of the major change is notification. Here I would say Google is trying to borrow a leaf or two from Apple’s IOS. You can now directly reply to notifications and need not dig deep into the app. There are also various ways to expand and dismiss them. Multitasking is another one of its major upgrade bringing split screen. It will now work with all phone and not necessary exclusive to tablets. There are some minor changes like settings have changed to give you more information on various settings even before you tap on it. There are new emoji’s including professional women. And that’s about it.

It is not just Android N in itself which makes all the difference this year but it is all about the over all experience with the OS with app like Allo & Duo to instant apps to VR capabilities. It is not time for Apple to showcase their talent in WWDC 2016 on Monday and I hope to bring you some of its highlights. Till then lets try to figure out a name for Android ‘N’. I am a Bengali so what about ‘Narkel Nadu’.or just ‘Nadu’.



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