WWDC 2016 – IOS 10


IOS 10 gets its biggest update till date and when you compare it with Android N this year it seem even bigger. Where Google had a minor update for its mobile platform, Apple on the other hand showcased 10 major changes in the OS so let’s get started

Experience on lock screen

It all starts from the lock screen which sees a complete redesign  more visibility for notifications the moment you pick up your phone which lights up. The lock screen now has a deeper integration with force touch. There are widgets on the left which are more interactive and on scrolling right you open the camera app.

Siri is updated 

Siri is much more efficient now as it is open to developers and third party apps. It is also better integrated with car play with a new interface.


Siri is now more intelligent and shows it on the keyboard app with suggestions. It is also multilingual.


Photos this year get one of it biggest upgrade as it was loosing its mojo when compared to Google photos app. It now has maps support where it shows all photo locations. There is a new interface with better search like people, object and even memories. There is also a curated video of co large to summaries your trip memories. The photos app is also updated for Mac OS and TV OS.


Apple has struggled with its maps application in the past and frankly speaking it is still no where close to Google maps. That said there is now a new interface with better car play integration. Maps app is also been opened for developers and third party apps enhancing its experience and making it more competitive.


This is one domain where Apple is second to none. The complete experience of the app has been redesigned with new art work and sections. There are curated playlists and radio stations. Beats one is also been showcased as the fasted growing radio station. The app now also support lyrics for you to sing along. There are more songs than ever before. I also saw Priyanka Chopra’s album during demo, what happened to Taylor Swift?


Apple news has now 2000 plus publishers. There is a new magazine like interface and it now supports subscriptions. You will also get those overload of notifications.


This is the future. You will be operating all your connected devices with you iPhone. There is a new interface and a whole lot of new manufactures lining in to make connected devices for IOS. Now even top builders will be building connected homes with appliances and services ready for your iPhone. By the way Mr. Cook just visited India and he should know by now that we still have electricity and internet connection problems aplenty. I think I am good with my keys for the time being.


With developer and third part support this app will no longer differentiate between you normal call and Skype call. Everything will be seamless.


This is a big one, Allo Google, Apple does it better. Richer links for photos and videos. The all new Allo effect oh sorry! Bubble effect. Messages through hand writing. Full screen effects and above all developer and third party support to give competition to Googles new app.

I was under the impression that Apple is all about closed platform and with so much now open to developers and third party apps the line is blurring between the two biggest operating systems in the world. This year Apple also stuck to just software and apart from IOS 10 launched Watch OS, Mac OS (new name of  OS X) and TV OS which I will cover in my next post. Let me know your comments on WWDC. How did you think it went? Did you find what you were looking for or it was just another year gone by?


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