Review: Netflix – Daredevil (Season 2)****1/2


If you are a superhero fan than you have to watch this. Arguably one of the best TV series and deservedly features in IMDB’s top 50 TV series of all times. This is as dark as it gets with a lot of red. I usually do not start my articles with this kind of push but you will understand when you see Daredevil. P.s. Please watch season 1 first.

This series has two of the biggest anti heroes of the Marvel Comic The Punisher and Electra. Though this series is more of a origin to both the anti heroes it does have its own story going. We also have Wilson Fisk in couple of episodes and he has his own charm. But the best part of the entire experience is Charlie Cox playing Daredevil and Matt Murdock. I have seldom seen someone paying two different character with such ease and the transformation is flawless. He almost makes it believable.

Though the pace could have been little better as it modulates from fast to slow in some episodes , You can be rest assured about the other departments especially action sequences. Daredevil has in the past been adopted for the big screen but was a disaster. The way this series is turning out you might see him again sometime soon at a theater near you.


3 thoughts on “Review: Netflix – Daredevil (Season 2)****1/2

  1. I love ‘Daredevil’! It’s such a great show! I liked your post 🙂 Have you ever shared this on any TV/Movie sites by any chance?


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