Movie Review – Udta Punjab ****


This is a difficult movie to watch especially if you love your country and are sensitive to the plight of Youth in Punjab and their drug abuse. I have been reading a lot about the same in newspaper and it is heartening to see media finally acknowledging this rampant problem. This is also a geopolitical problem which you will understand when you dig deep. Punjab been one of India most prosperous states when gets effected and especially the youth, will effect India’s future. The controversies surrounding the release of the film and the cuts demanded including removal of the name Punjab talk about the hypocrisy in our society and its unwillingness to admit the truth leave aside working on the cure.

Coming back to the film now that it has released with just one cut is a testimony of our resolve to fight this hypocrisy and look ahead to a healthier Punjab and India. Lot of time these hypes created results in an average film getting undue attention but in this case I am happy to say that the film lives up to its expectations. The story is told without compromising its essence. The best part about the experience is performance of its lead actors. Shahid Kapoor was brilliant and so was the new guy Diljit Dosanjh but it was Alia Bhatt who has put up a career defining role.

I am not a big fan of the music by Amit Trivedi as this kind of music has a very short shelve life. Abhishek Chaubey and his team has done an excellent job and you will be hooked on from the word go to the last scene. My only biggest disappointment with the film has been Kareena Kapoor Khan, she looked completely out of place. I guess it is more to do with wrong casting and weak characterization than Kareena herself.

Just don’t miss it.


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