WWDC 2016 – MAC,TV & Watch OS

WWDC 2016 Continued….



Apple Inc along with IOS also launched MAC OS Sierra (new name for OS 10). there was a lot of focus to continuity between devices and apps the highlight being chipboard. The storage is more optimized using cloud. Siri makes a debut on the MAC which is a big thing and there are hose of features now open to 3rd part developers.And finally there is support for web Apple pay.


Watch OS 

Now there is mini mouse on your watch with different dress colors. Also the interface is revamped with  more relevant and recently used apps upfront.Instant app response through always one apps. There is scribble for new writing technique. SOS on watch which is actually a good thing. The lastly new health and fitness app update.



1300 video channel and new iPhone remote app are the two important releases here along with one sign up for all your TV channels and services. What was the most interesting thing was now Siri can also search on You Tube.

That’s all folks….


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