Movie Review – Sultan**1/2


Well I can always conclude this review writing just one name ‘Salman Khan’, as there is not much in this movie apart from him. But isn’t it true with almost all his movies? He keeps on playing himself time and again and people seems to love it. There is this old and heavy Salman and then there is this old and shredded Salman but the outcome is more or less the same. Unrealistic achievements and untold story is the story of this film. It is Salman doing Rocky in his Bollywood style.

There was a good story going with Anushka’s character and had better chance of keeping me interested in the movie but in the middle of this hero worship she just got lost and her story just fizzled out to accommodate the hulk. But everything is not down and dusted. Amidst this jarring journey there some characters who made sense. It is entertaining for sure as my six years old daughter also liked it. I guess people like a Salman Khan movie is because it is less taxing for your brains and you can just go and have some fun. Yes this is the best way to describe Sultan.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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