My first VR experience


This is pegged as the technology of the future but my experience says we are not ready yet. VR is still a novelty at best and there are reasons why I say this. About a month back I got by first VR headset via Amazon made by Zebtronics for Rs 1200. There were decent reviews and I also did not want to spend too much on an unknown technology. Also I wanted to go for a headset which covers my eyes entirely and there is no light coming in. This is important for you to get a immersive experience and if light comes in then the fun is lost. There are some more expensive once but I was not to sure they would be any different. The moment I wore the headset I came across my first and biggest hurdle which is not headset related but more to do with mobile technology and its sensors, it is called the drift.

As VR apps like Google Cardboard use Gyroscope as its primary sensor due to which the picture keeps shifting and you have to constantly move to bring it to the center which is very annoying. Yes the software gives you the option to correct it but it is still annoying. After watching some videos I was fed up. It gets worse when you try to watch a 360 degree video. I check online for a solution but there is non. Till the time this issue is sorted and the mobile phone company up with come up with specific sensors for VR, this problem will persist.

My second problem is the content. There is not much you can watch and some serious efforts in this direction is needed. I have my serious doubt that this technology is also might be going the 3D way. And then there are some small niggles which I guess with time and technology getting cheaper will get sorted. You have to have at least 2K display on your mobile otherwise all you get to see are pixels. All these budget phone coming out with VR and using full HD screens are no more than marketing gimmick. The only headset related problem I though which have to be addressed in the field of view. As I am using a relatively cheap headset the field of view from the lenses is not great. A better field of view will give a more immersive experience.

That said not everything is bad here. If you get a good 4K video especially a side by side view video, just watch it and you will have a blast. I got a video on YouTube which was shot underwater in excellent quality. I almost most felt the water on my face and with a good pair of earphones the experience was awesome. I suggest movies should be released on SBS video format for VR and it will do for the time being.  You can also watch any YouTube videos in VR mode and especially the trailers look very good but the only thing you have to live with is the drift.

I sincerely hope Googles Daydream team is  listening and working on the drift. Otherwise people will start drifting from this wonderful technology.


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