Netflix – Stranger Things****1/2


I have grown watching films in the 80’s. Those were days when we use to get video cassettes from the nearby video parlor. Not many Hollywood films use to screen in India as there were no multiplex and the audience was also not that matured. The prints were noting close to HD and still when I think of those days I feel nostalgic. Though I have not seen much work from writers like Stephan King or directors like John Carpenter, I certainly considered Steven Spielberg as one of the best directors Hollywood have ever produced. ET remains one of his best creations and Stranger Things from Netflix is heavily inspired by ET and the science fiction horror/ thriller genre. The camera filters and angles, art, costume, music and even the credits scream’s of the 80’s style of movie making.

Stranger Things is getting great reviews all across from critics and general public all across the globe and rightly so as there is so much to like about it. Let start with the kids as they are the highlight of the series. They are so adorable and it is good to see kids finally acting like kids. Special mention to Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, she was just outstanding. Got to see Winona Ryder in a substantial role after a long time and she was good as the mother who just lost her child but her character could have been written better. David Harbour was another strong point of the series. There were many shades to his character.

This series has something for everyone and that is the secret behind its international success. There are some shortcoming like the pace which could have been better if edited to a 6 episode series. I though it was 2 episode too long. The pace really picked up after the third chapter. But frankly speaking these are just nit picking. Creators Duffer Brother have a gold mine in their hands and if they can come up with an equally thrilling experience in the next installment, I am sure it will be as eagerly waited as Game of Thrones  .

It is a must watch on Netflix. They are doing some excellent work with their original series.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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