Movie Review – Doctor Strange****


It has been a grueling 2 months for me as there has been some family matters to attend to. I have been completely out of my movie/TV watching streak and it will remain so for this month as well. That said this was one movie I would have never missed and I suggest you to see it as well. This my friends is my Doctor Strange review.

Marvels magical superhero comes alive on the big screen riding on Benedict Cumberbach’s strong shoulders, he is a just awesome. This movie is a visual delight. It is an origin story with a mix of Iron Man and an another Doctor, Doctor Who. There is different dimensions, time travel and better than inception visual effects. There is also lots of humor and action. And that cloak is just amazing. The entire star cast does a fantastic job with a special mention to Tilda Swinton.

There are somethings which could have been better. The villain played by Mads Mikkelson could have been explored more. Also the journey of Doctor Strange through his learning phase is hushed. Things like how a medical doctor learned to fight this good was never explained truly. But I still feel with this good a movie these are just nitpicking. Go watch is for a journey full of mysticism and pure fun. Hope to see you soon Doctor.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good




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