2020 Donald vs Michelle


I being an Indian today was elated about our PM Mr. Modi’s decision to scrap Rs. 500 & Rs 1000 currency to counter black money a menace in our country. Rather than the markets people were queuing in front of the banks. This was a masterstroke by our Prime Minister. Eradicating black money is one of the top agenda of this current government and then is certainly a big step the right direction.  But I was also keen to know what is happening on the other side of the world. The US Presidential elections was the most polarizing elections of all time. It in many ways it was more than a clash between ideas or ethos but was a fight between a man and a women. Lets be frank here, both the candidate had dark sides when it came to their past. Americans were not choosing between God and the Devil. They had a choice between a Man who in many ways represents the male ego with a false American dream ( I will explain it later) and on the other side a women who is trying to break a glass ceiling as USA till date has never elected a women president.

America’s decision to go with the male ego and a false American dream asks serious questions about how people in the so called most advanced and developed country think. I have heard a lot about how India is a male dominated society and women in this country are suppressed and ill treated. One YouTube video also claimed India to be the one of the worst country when it comes to rights and safety of women. But now when I see Donald Trump being elected even after knowing his past especially his way of dealing with women, I am not to sure that America is any different than India or visa versa. In fact we have had a women Prime Minister and more recently a women President.

Lets get something straight here, it will not be easy for Mr. Donald Trump to deliver on his promises leave aside building a wall between Mexico and America. There will be pressure from domestic and international quarters and many of his glorious promises will remain just promises. I am saying this with experience of what happens in the largest democracy in the world. Parties come to power promising sky and all they deliver is hell. But America and Americans could have done better with Mrs Hillary Clinton as its helm. She would have at least represented her country better (better brand ambassador). It would have been a pleasant change and she seems to be a smart and strong lady absolutely capable of running a country like America. Alas what the world is a womanizer and a racist leading the most powerful democracy in the world and that my dear friends is very dangerous.

So now that things are done and dusted, what’s next for US and the world? I predict a very testing four years and ‘No’ the jobs will not return to America as businesses work on return on investments and not patriotism. Mexico is not a small country to isolate and Islam will remain the 2nd largest religion of the world and Mr. Trump will fail in all his lofty promises. This is precisely why I say that the big American dream (a false one) will not get realized in such a short time and for sure Mr. Trump will not win the next election. what will happen is that Mr. Trump will come under tremendous pressure and will be frustrated. After all he is not Narendra Modi who has loads of political experience. He is just a businessman and when they fail, they file for bankruptcy.

But something good will happen after four years and the Democrats should start preparing for it from now. They have a Trump card (pun intended) with them in Mrs. Michelle Obama. She is one of the most charismatic women in the world and unlike Mrs. Clinton does not come with past baggage’s. If she can be convinced and the party prepares the right way, makes the right noises then you might have a situation when you can change the 2016 mistake with a masterstroke. Remember America is no North Korea and what happens there effects the world and it is being watch very closely.


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