Movie Review – Arrival ****1/2


Science friction alien movies are a popular genre as usually there is very little to understand and we humans are kicking some alien butt. But Arrival is in a different league and will be remembered as one of the classics of 2016. Although posters of this film asks one question “why are they here?”, there are many other questions this movie asks. The movie revolves around Professor Dr. Louise Banks played by Amy Adams and her journey both in terms of decoding alien language and her life and its purpose.

Amy Adams without doubt gives one of her best performances in her career so far and will hope to have a fare chance to rectify her yet Oscar experience. Visually this movie is stunning and each shot is masterfully crafted. I don’t know much about actually science facts when it comes to some of the dimensions the movie explores but it is pretty convincing.Denis Villeneuve has made sure that nothing seems out of proportion and the experience is seamless especially the editing and back and forth time travelling. I will be eagerly awaiting Blade Runner in 2017.

There are some ¬†misses though like all the other characters including Jeremy Renner’s are not well developed and the slow pace of the movie will not excite many but these are minor hiccups in what is a excellent watch. You will surely come out of the theaters with deep thoughts about the movie which will stay with you for a long time and that to me is a hallmark of the great movie.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good



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