Movie Review – Kahaani 2**1/2


After Kahaani  I had lot of expectations from the 2nd installment. Well I can safely say they both are in two different league. Life in a sleepy suburb of Kolkata seemed sorted for Vidya and her daughter until her past came back to haunt her. Though Sujoy Ghosh fails to create the earlier magic there is lot to like here. The first half has a good pace and keeps you interested. The storytelling is good but never really catches you by surprise. But the second part just falls flat.

There there is Vidya Balan at her best and in her no frills avatar. She is natural and never lets you know the effort which goes in her acting. Arjun Rampal on the other hand is decent but as usual has limited skills. I could not help comparing him with Parambrata Chatterjee and how much he brought to Kahaani. And then there are dash of other characters who do their bit but never enough.

Watch it for Vidya Balan only.



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