My Top 5 TV Series/Mini Series of 2016

I am not a big TV fan but off late I have been watching some really good TV content that has been introduced in India by services like Netflix, Hotstar & now Amazon Prime. The good thing about these series is that they are story driven. There is much more depth in the characterization as they have time to develop them. Also the production quality of some of the series are so good that you are almost watching a movie and there is no compromise.

I have been watching some old content and some new. There is so much to choose from that you are either spoiled or confused but never short of choices. I have been reviewing some of these series on my blog during 2016 and hopefully if time and my primary profession permits then in 2017 you will see much more TV reviews on my blog. That said I have curated below a list of must watch TV series which I have loved and hopefully you will too.

  1. Stranger Things****1/2 – Netflix


I rarely enjoy the Horror/ Horror Thriller Genre but loved movies like ET as a child, a big big Spielberg fan.  Let me tell you this is an 8 episode movie and boy you will have the ride of your life with the kids. It is a thriller, adventure and horror movie all in one. I have a review of this series on my blog for more details. I am sure this will be a big awards winner this year.

  1. The Night Manager (Not Reviewed in my blog) – Amazon Prime


This is the James Bond of TV. Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie are enough to drive a show on their own but when you couple it with the superb screenplay and production value you have a masterpiece. Shot in top international locations like Switzerland, Egypt, Morocco and many more, this is a true international production. A sure shot watch if you are a thriller fan.

  1. Game of Throne Season 6****1/2 – Hotstar Prime


Who don’t know about Games of Thrones? An iconic series with the biggest budget of all times. The most downloaded torrents of all time. So what was so special about this season? Though the season started slow but picked up pace at the end culminating in The Battle of the Bastards and season finale where Cersei Lannister blows the shit out of the Sept. And John Snow, yes he is alive.

  1. Daredevil Season 2****1/2 – Netflix


I had to have a superhero series in the mix and had a tough time choosing the best. There was Jessica Jones with rare female superhero but the problem is that it was officially released on Netflix in Nov 2015. The other series in consideration was Flash Season 2. Though it started in end 2015 its season finale was in 2016 so officially can be considered in my list. But I have to give it to Daredevil as this is how a superhero series on TV should look and feel like. Charlie Cox certainly brings something unique to the table. And then there is Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.

  1. Fleabag (Not reviewed in my blog) – Amazon Prime


Have you every laughed and cried at the same time? If not then you should check out Fleabag. This is the first time I got to see the talent of Phoebe Waller-Bridge both as an actor and writer and I must tell you it was a treat. Comedy is a hard task and especially for women. She make you relate to the character so much that you forget that this someone acting. This will take you back to your memory lane when you were a Fleabag yourself and yes everyone have been a fleabag once in a while in there lives.

I am sure there are many more shows which are great but I have not seen them yet. Please write back with some of your choices so that I can improve on my list next year.


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